Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way

A few days ago, I had occasion to drive a friend who needed a ride to Paterson, New Jersey for a business appointment. It is a place I have periodically been intimate with. I went to school there some 50 years ago. It was a frequent stop some 30 years ago when I was a […]

One of my favorite titles and books is called “In Search of Lake Wobegon”. Authored by Garrison Keillor, photographs by Richard Olsenius (Viking Studio; 2001). It is a pictorial journey with accompanying text of what the fictional Lake Wobegon, Minnesota might have actually looked like. According to Keillor, it is exists in Central Minnesota in […]

It once was not too long ago that folks used to come together to celebrate community and what used to be described as the common good. Most observers agree that today such occasions are becoming more increasingly rare. We are all too aware that it is a time of political polarization – Blue and Red […]

I am a parent of three – among other challenges, I find myself trying to help my kids sort through and make sense of often contradictory messages. As an adult, I often find myself yearning to have someone help me make sense of clear inconsistencies that baffle and inhibit. Take, for example, the mantra of […]

Well, at least one aspect of the Ed Sullivan Show. Recently our local Public Television station was fundraising using clips of comedians on The Ed Sullivan Show (The really big shoe). There was a young Alan King – actually they were all younger and alive back then. There were the likes of Henny Youngman, Richard […]

“All My Life’s A Circle” was a phrase made famous by a Harry Chapin song. I think of this phrase often – especially on days when one feels to be just going “around and around”. As one ages and presumably becomes “wiser”, there is a hope that one might have mastered the process. “Life is […]

Why another blog? And, why this one? After all, there aren’t enough already? Like Millions? Does the world really need another one? Well, yeah – at least I hope so. After talking the ears off just about anyone willing to listen, and then a few not inclined to listen, this blog provides an outlet for […]