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To many hockey fans in the States, he was known as Martin Brodeur’s Dad. But to others, especially in and around Montreal, Denis Brodeur was far more. He was someone special. Denis, who passed away on September 26 at the age of 82, was acknowledged as one of hockey’s finest photographers. He was the official […]

Place des Arts in Montreal turns 50 today. Described by out-of-towners as a “Lincoln Center for Montreal”, Place des Arts was inaugurated during a period that would prove to be one of Montréal’s most prolific in terms of major construction projects that went on to change the metropolitan landscape. Place Ville-Marie, Place Bonaventure, the Metropolitan […]

Ever heard of Tommy Wadkins ? Bet not. But how about Glenn Miller ? Chances are you probably know who he is. There’s a wonderful story about a small town in Nebraska where Glenn Miller served as an apprentice in the Tommy Wadkins Orchestra before he became, well, Glenn Miller. Folks in this small town […]

I always knew that the passion were strong about foods, i.e. where they originated, the “capital” of a creation food and where the best is to be found – i.e. barbecue and chili. I also was aware that a name associated with a food can draw strong passions – for example in New York City […]

It was heart-breaking to see the images of the Boardwalk at Seaside Park on fire. That area has seen enough. Terribly devastated by Super Storm Sandy last fall, a large part of Seaside Park’s boardwalk burned to the ground in a fire that started at a custard stand and then stretched into neighboring Seaside Heights, […]

We speak below of how Bardstown, Kentucky celebrates its claim to be the “Bourbon Capital of the World”. In Morton, Illinois they celebrate too. There their claim is as “Pumpkin Capital of the World”. Each year the community puts on a festival, the Morton Pumpkin Festival, to celebrate their local pride and claim to fame. […]

To mark the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, Jews fast from sundown to sundown. But before the sun sets, friends and family gather to enjoy one final meal. And for the Jews of Eastern Europe, that meal traditionally includes kreplach. Kreplach — krepel is the singular — are little dumplings, sometimes […]

Husker Harvest Days is taking place this week in Grand Island, Nebraska. The event is recognized as the World’s Largest Totally Irrigated Working Farm Show™ and features the most extensive state-of-the-art information and technology available for today’s agricultural producers. Nebraska Farmer, working with the Agricultural Institute of Nebraska in Grand Island, developed the Husker Harvest […]

Bardstown, Kentucky considers itself is the “Bourbon Capital of the World”. Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey – a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. The origin of bourbon is not well documented. Instead, there are many conflicting legends and claims, some more credible than others. Although it may be made anywhere, […]

We lost power for a bit during a wicked thunderstorm yesterday, so we are later than we wanted with this posting, but think it is interesting, nonetheless. As we all know, Wed. was the 12th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks of 2001. The day has become a multi-faceted occasion. Part commemoration, part day-of-service, and part […]

In Port Dover, Ontario Friday the 13ths are special. It seems that this community on the shore of Lake Erie has become a meeting place for motorcyclists – thousands. But it happens only on a Friday the 13th. So, whenever the 13th falls on a Friday, whether it’s April or December, motorcycles of every type, […] out this photo of a 60-foot-high rubber duck at the Beijing Garden Expo Park found in the Washington Post This article was first published on

Talk about a Journey (into Hockey). We are proponents of hockey’s various cultures – may they be from the past (overlooked and forgotten) or the present (offbeat and off the beaten path). As the New York Times reports, the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League)is offering a narrative of a different type. The league is opening its […]

The new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opened yesterday. It replaces a bridge that first opened in 1936 – making the East Bay accessible as never before. A bridge built to last was unable to make it through the 1989 earthquake. So, it was deemed necessary to build a new bridge. We are told that the […]

Welcome​ and thanks for stopping by You have reached the landing page blog for Eric Model. I am the Eric Model who created “Journeys Into”, the radio-based multi-media platform dedicated to the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten. I am the Eric Model who teaches lifestyle marketing, lifestyle marketing law and smart narratives, […]

“Come along. Come and see. There are sites in this country and people in this country to vanish any gloom you ever may feel, and to fill you instead with wonder. Every road is as good as a promise and the promises all will be kept. And do not worry about getting lost. I have […]

The terrible fire that destroyed the historic and popular St. Jacobs Farmers Market in Ontario the other day got us to thinking about how Mennonites and Amish got to make St. Jacobs home. I was familiar with the process of immigration and settlement in Pennsylvania, but less so about the origins of comparable communities in […]

Today to most it is the last unofficial weekend of summer. Time to pack up from the beach and lake, and get back to school and work. Labor Day has also come to mean rituals such as the Jerry Lewis Telethon, the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and the Hard Crab Derby Maryland’s Eastern Shore. And, […]

It’s a modest place in an unlikely location. But it is an important place in history with a powerful and significant story to tell. The American Labor Museum is located in a house in Haledon, New Jersey. The house, though, dates back to 1908 and is a National Landmark. Called the Botto House, the structure […]

It would not be Labor Day on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula if they did close part of the Mackinac Bridge to traffic. Although many folks are packing up and returning to other parts on that day and traffic can be heavy, the priority on Labor Day is pedestrians. In fact, Labor Day is the only day […]

After all the food at that last holiday weekend BBQ, lots of folks want some excercise to work it all off. On Michigan’s Northern Penisnula there is the traditional Mackinac Bridge Walk. In the Pacific Northwest, there is traditional swim. Early morning every Labor Day, over 500 swimmers board the Sternwheeler paddleboat, are ferried to […]

Sir David Frost, who died on August 31 at age 74, is best remembered for his interviews with Richard Nixon following Nixon’s resignation as President. Less play is being given to his career prior to those milestone interviews, but there are many important other moments as well. Frost’s introduction to American audiences came in 1963 […]

This summer, the New York Times’ “Frugal Traveler” (Seth Kugel) drove from Louisiana to North Dakota, crossing into a number of states for the first time. He shares what he saw and some lessons he learned along the way in a trip that took him from Louisiana through Memphis, the Ozarks, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota […]