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Bill Mazer passed away this week at the age of 92. He was known as a radio and TV sports reporter in New York. He also did some national network work for CBS Television (NHL). It interesting to see the impact of Mazer’s death on many of us of a certain age. though raised in […]

Allan Stanley, the Hockey Hall of Fame defenceman of four Maple Leafs championship teams, has died at age 87, reports the Toronto Star. Often paired with his friend and teammate Tim Horton, Stanley was one-quarter of an all-time great quartet of Leafs defencemen that also included Bob Baun and Carl Brewer. Stanley, who grew up […]

CBS News reports that it was on October 20th, 1818, 195 years ago today that the day the United States and Britain signed a treaty establishing the 49th Parallel as the border between Canada and the western U.S., from northern Minnesota to the base of the “Stony” Mountains (as they were then called). More This […]

The Hilltop, which opened in 1961 and is about eight miles north of Boston, was a prime example of the large Western-themed restaurants that thrived in postwar America as growing families put down roots in blue-collar suburbs like this one and wanted places to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries at affordable prices. “It was part of […]

A great feature via The New York Times: Promotional signs installed by large corporations on mom-and-pop storefronts proliferated from the 1930s but are difficult to find in these days of computer graphics and printed vinyl. Make sure to check out the accompanying slide show as well. This article was first published on This article was first published on

Author Alice Munro’s first video comment since winning the Nobel Prize for literature. It took place in a hotel in Victoria, B.C. where Globe photographer John Lehmann asks her if she plans to write another book and what the best thing is about winning the prize. This article was first published on

Thanksgiving in Canada comes in October. It is tied to the harvest season, not the start of Christmas shopping. In fact, long before Plymouth and even before Jamestown there was Thanksgiving in what is now called Canada. The year was 1578 when English explorer Martin Frobisher gave thanks for a long journey (which failed in […]

No money to keep them open, many national sites have been closed over the past few days. Travelers are disappointed, especially those too young to understand why it is happening. Come to mention it, I’m not so yopung any more and I don’t quite get it. Anyway, here is a slide show depicting some of […]

The Canadiens hit the ice at 2:30 p.m. Thursday October 3 at the Centre Sportif Lac-Mégantic for a practice in the town that was devastated this summer by a train-derailment disaster. Read this article from the Montreal Gazette and tell me that hockey is only a game…A Journey into Hockey and A Journey into the […]