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Some years he was celebrated; some years ridiculed. His efforts in entertaining, cajoling and his ability inspiring us to contribute were always impressive. By many, years later he is missed and remembered on Labor Day. This article was first published on

A Bridge Walk in Michigan, the Jerry Lewis Telethon, a last swim at the beach or summer ending BBQ are just some traditions of Labor Day. Another is tennis – specifically the U.S. Open. They are playing again this year in New York City – now in Flushing Meadow. But for along time they played […]

Clearly it’s about more than maximizing markets. And, it’s about more than burgers and donuts. The proposed marriage of Tim Hortons and Burger King strikes a nerve. To us, it is alot about the place of Tim Hortons as a cultural icon in Canadian society. Tims is small town; it is big city; it is […]

After an absence of some time (6 months) for a variety of family-related issues, we return to these pages. It is good to be back. We look forward to playing catch-up with you and pointing ahead in our journey together. So, sorry to have not been around. Missed you. This article was first published on […]