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The return of the swallows to Capistrano, snowbirds head north. Baseball. These are just some of the signs that Spring has come. On the Northern Peninsula of Michigan there is a most unique tradition to mark the change of season. At Lake Superior State University there is a time-honored tradition of welcoming spring by burning […]

We are watching the home opener for NYCFC. We are told that the team does not have all that much talent. But the fact of the team is an interesting statement on the business of sports in the 21st century. Major League Soccer’s twentieth franchise, NYCFC comes as a joint partnership British soccer’s Manchester City […]

In this New York Times article, it was framed as old rinks not allowing for modern technology. In fact, from her it rather appears like a modern-day stunt that renedred the old-time bench space obsolete. The article about the now enclosed space between hockey benches was extremely well written and enlightening. It tooks about the […]

Al Rosen has died at the age of 91. He was one of the last links to the Cleveland Indians powerhouse teams of the late 1940’s-early 1950’s. Rosen was the last Indians player to win an AL MVP award (1953), narrowly missed winning the Triple Crown when Washington’s Mickey Vernon edged him by .001 for […]

I know. They’re not going far, and geologically Brooklyn is part of Long Island. But for many there is a change coming, and they’re not happy about it. The New York Islanders, a source of civic pride and unity on New York’s Long Island is leaving its Long Island home (Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum) at […]

Thanks to Addie for finding this cool piece at Buuzzfeed and calling it my attention. Artist and food blogger Chris Durso spends his free time sculpting each U.S. state out of food. But it was his 8-year-old son, Cameron, who came up with the idea. Chris was sold after Cameron starting firing off accompanying puns […]

President Obama, Representative John Lewis (D-GA), former President George W. Bush, and others participated in an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. More This article was first published on

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Just weeks after the passing of Ernie Banks (Mr. Cub), Chicago and the baseball world mourns the passing of Minnie Minoso (called Mr. White Sox). MiƱoso was one of the major league’s first black Latino stars. The peak of his fame came in the 1950s, but his career stretched into the 1980s, with stints in […]

It’s a great tradition – once common, now unique to Vermont. Town Meeting, as many commentators have said, is “democracy being practiced in its purest form.” It is the day when all the legal voters of a town have an opportunity to air their grievances; a day when true town business is addressed; and the […]

Desi Arnaz, were he living today (he died in 1986) would be observing his 98th birthday. Thanks to the miracle of re-runs and modern technology he remains with us. So, Happy Birthday Desi. This article was first published on