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Maureen O’Hara, one of the last stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, died on October 24 of antural causes. She was 95. O’Hara known for playing fiercely passionate but sensible heroines, and often worked with director John Ford and longtime friend John Ford. She is remembered by different folks for different works. To some […]

Via a video from The Chicago Tribune, the widow of legendary Cubs and White Sox announcer Jack Brickhouse looks back at the broadcaster’s long, illustrious career and we hear some of his famous calls in the booth. This article was first published on

Thanksgiving in Canada comes in October. It is tied to the harvest season, not the start of Christmas shopping. In fact, long before Plymouth and even before Jamestown there was Thanksgiving in what is now called Canada. The year was 1578 when English explorer Martin Frobisher gave thanks for a long journey (which failed in […]

In the heart of Chicago’s 19th Ward there’s not much Cubs love to be found. This is White Sox Country, a place where the South Side team takes precedence even when the Cubs, that team from the wrong side of town, is having a very memorable season. The Cubs are in the National League Division […]

So quoted the New York Times of an embittered Islander fan about the move of their team from Long Island to Brooklyn. A new season – their 44th – starts tonight for the Islanders. But it will be very different from the others as the Isles have keft their home of the last 43 years […]

Yes, the Leafs lost their first regular season game under Mike Babcock. But they did play well, and it appears that under Mike and Lou things are headed in the right direction. In the meantime, Toronto can boast a real cool opening night tradition – the 48th Highland Regiment. In an era of light shows, […]

We are thinking about friends and those we have met in our travels through South Carolina as they have had to endure a lot recently. It has been a tough year from shootings, battles over symbols of the region, and most recently the spin-off rains of a hurricane. It is a region of some great […]

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada – a time when folks not only give thanks, but also take stock of what it means to be Canadian. This article in Regina’s Post-Leader does both – describing eight Canadian destinations he is thankful for.Jim Byers writes:I have been privileged to live in what I think is the greatest country […]

I did not know of Harry Gallatin – he was a bit before my time. Nonetheless, his passsing is being noted here. He reminds of another place and time. Basketball was, back then, just a game and the pro game was still relatively new and yet to be discovered. There were teams in places like […]

The big baseball story heading into baseball’s playoffs is the return to post season play for the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets. But also garnering some attention, even south of the border, is baseball fever taking home in Toronto. Numerous American media outlets have noticed how the city of Toronto, the province of […]

Cam Cole’s column in the Vancouver Sun the other day was hockey and how he views it as having become homogenized.In particular, he invoked the term “playing the right way” and asked just what is “the right way”.Added Cole”…and how come there’s only one? Has coaching become so form-fitted that to play differently is to […]

In South Toward Home: Travels in Southern Literature, Margaret Eby visits to the hometowns and haunts of 10 favorite authors – including Faulkner, Welty, O’Connor and Wright. In making this journey, Eby premises it on the relationship between the region and its literature. “There is no popular category known as Northern literature’, she stresses. More, […]

Paul Theroux is an American travel writer and novelist, whose best known work of travel writing is The Great Railway Bazaar (1975) . He has published numerous works of fiction, some of which were made into feature films, and has received awards and critical acclaim along the way. A new work, Deep South: Four Seasons […]

Yes, it was a meaningless pre-season game, but it was at the same time an evening of significance and a bit of emotion and nostalgia. Mike Babcock, coach of the Red Wings for 10 years, returned to the Motor City for the first time – this time as coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Babcock […]

Six goalies who left their stamp on the game can now be found in your mailbox. Canada Post unveiled their Great Canadian Goalie stamps on Thursday October 1. The limited edition stamps feature Bernie Parent, Johnny Bower, Lorne “Gump” Worsley, Tony Esposito, Ken Dryden, and Martin Brodeur. All living honourees were in attendance except for […]

The Honeymooners as a series of its own debuted on October 1, 1955 on CBS Television. In fact, the Honeymooners were based on a recurring 1951–55 sketch of the same name. It originally aired on the DuMont network’s Calvacade of Stars and then later on CBS’s The Jackie Gleason Show.The first episode of the new […]