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Do you think history is boring ? Well, you have not met Lynne Sturtevant, author, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a travel pro. She and the services she provides are anything but boring. They are living proof that the stories of our past, if presented in the right way, can be enlightening, entrertaining and revenue […]

Last time we spoke of the prevalence of disengagement, disconnection, dissatisfaction and disaffection in our world today – how many feel disappointed with and apart from institutions have either turned their back or been inattentive. We also hinted that a change is afoot, at least according to Dov Seidman whose views we respect. It seems […]

An interesting article and ensuing discussion. The premise of the writer: It’s unfashionable to admit this in the age of Expedia, Priceline and other do-it-yourself online tools, but here it is: I miss travel agents. The Internet took off as a way to book travel because the human intermediaries were always a bit suspect — […]

It’s a time of peace, hope and, hopefully, inspiration. This is a story that may already familiar to you, especially if you are from Canada. As we are to the south of the 49th parallel, it only became known to us recently. But has it had a remarkable impact on us and how we look […]

I love Bing Crosby and I like Christmas cheer. Here’s Bing and the Andrews Sister with something a bit less known, but quite enjoyable nonetheless Merry Christmas. This article was first published on

It’s beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas. Bing Crosby with some seasonal classics. This article was first published on

Dickie Moore died in Montreal on December 18 at the age of 84. The Hall of Famer spent most of his 14-year NHL career with Canadiens, wearing number 12.Moore played left wing for Montreal from 1951 to 1963, winning six Stanley Cups and the Art Ross Trophy for the most regular season points twice, in […]

There’s nothing like a presidential primary season to send media types racing all over the country. As the whistle stops and stump speeches and straw polls and caucuses continue, we hear about all sorts of out-of-the way places that most of us wouldn’t know about if a presidential candidate didn’t stop there. A side-effect of […]

I offer expertise (through strategizing, facilitation and consulting services) – helping people, businesses and communities “be contemporary in a traditional way” – tapping into the benefit of 40 years’ experience in media, marketing, community, collaborative problem solving, storytelling (“smart narrative making”), and related legal issues so that they can identify, leverage and monetize what makes […]

It starts with you and your narrative. But please know you are not alone. In addition, to offering strategies and service, we also act as an advocate. This role comes out of our own past and our passion. For us, it is more than a job. It is who we are and what we are […]

Santa and the North Pole always seemed to be safe heavens, off limits. But just as Global Warming has grown as a concern, so too is another controversy encroaching on the peace and good will near Santa’s Workshop. It seems that many nations have eyes for the North Pole. In tones that are started to […]

To some hockey is just a game. To others of us it represents something much more. We feel a special connection to the game, its cultures and its traditions. These days there is unprecedented coverage and accessibility to the game – especially the NHL – like never before. But there are so many cultures and […]

Forest Gump’s Mama once taught him that life was like a box of chocolates (“You Never Know What You Gonna Get”). We have been thinking of that box of chocolates too, but in a bit of a different way. In this age in which we are all brands (whether we are individuals, businesses, organizations or […]

Have you ever found someone’s valuable and helped them reunite with it? Similarly, have you ever had someone please you by locating and reuniting you with a valuable you had feared lost ? Well, I’m here to tell you that there are valuables just lying there, and they are valuables, if attending to in a […]

They’re cranking up the publicity for the newest edition of the hockey’s Winter Classic. The event staged by the National Hockey League (NHL) on or around New Year’s Day is a regular-season ice hockey game is played outdoors, generally in a football or baseball stadium, in an area with a resident NHL team. This year’s […]

Marjorie Lord, an actress who was best known as Danny Thomas’s wife on the Emmy-winning comedy series “The Danny Thomas Show,” died on Nov. 28. She was 97.More. This article was first published on

Lillian Vernon, who created a sprawling catalog business that specialized in personalized gifts and ingenious gadgets and made her an American household name, died on December14 in New York. She was 88. Ms. Vernon, who had come to the United States as a Jewish immigrant from Germany fleeing the Nazis, began her mail-order business in […]

More: If you are a traveler or armchair traveler looking to be enteratined, informed, enlightened and inspired, let us help through our features and information services, including Journeys Into’s explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten. If you are seeking a travel experience of discovery and growth, let us help You […]

Recent postings have spent many words describing the ways that I (and my team of like-minded experts) can be of help. For the sake of brevity and clarity here is a quick summary to recap. For years I have been on a number of journeys – physical, professional and personal journeys of discovery. It all […]

Never paid much attention to the television show “Antiques Roadshow”, but I have recently found myself intrigued by the program and its basic premise. In a Public Television version of “reality TV”, folks bring in their stuff (often heirlooms and antiques) hoping to learn how much these items might be worth. In the process, the […]

This Santa occupied his perch on a light tower in the parking lot of Garden State Plaza during the 1950’s and 60’s. He was an integral part of the rites of the season back then. This article was first published on

Graham McNamee was America’s most recognized national radio personality in the medium’s first decade. Though he broadcast top sports events in the early years, he recently has been overlooked and forgotten by many. That oversight was correected on December 9 when McNamee won the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting from the Baseball Hall of […]

As mentioned in an earlier posting, our start in these present endeavors was inspired by the late Charles Kuralt. His words and explorations (as well as those of Garrison Keillor) have guided me for over 30 years. I too Like him, I too went ahead and have come to know the way. These words and […]

Frustrated by the notion of fighting traffic and crowds at the Mall ? You know there is another way (in addition to online shopping). Here is a classic shot from Iowa to remind us what it used to be like. Photo Credit: Muscatine Journal This article was first published on

Smart services and strategies for individuals, businesses, travel & lesiure industries, media and communities. “Helping you make the most of what you are and what matters to you”. This article was first published on

“Come along. Come and see. There are sites in this country and people in this country to vanish any gloom you ever may feel, and to fill you instead with wonder. Every road is as good as a promise and the promises all will be kept. And do not worry about getting lost. I have […]