Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way

Finally, the votes are about to be cast in Iowa. All eyes are turned to see what will actually happen. But not many will look beyond the candidates and the caucus sites. In a great feature, Masuma Ahuja of shared with us the work of Cody Weber and Kat Kanan’s website Forgotten Iowa. Ahuja […]

“POWERFUL IDEAS….PROFITABLE NETWORK…..Our ideas about sponsorship were formed when broadcast ruled……While the models served us well for decades, in a world where even the disrupters are being disrupted, they no longer apply….” So reads the promotional brochure of the conference for IEG (International Events Group), taking place this April in Chicago. We have attended in […]

“Main Street is the glory of Canada. If a community has no heart, it has no soul; and its heart should beat faster at the core. For here is the glory of the past, the symbol of stability, the structures that our fathers and their fathers erected, the visual reminder of another time that gives […]

In our last post we remembered Lois Weisberg, who recently died at age 90. She did remarkable work in Chicago helping to create and nuture events, instiutions and relationships. Her works had a profound impact on the Windy City – improving its quality of life (Chicago Blues Festival) and its revenues from the influx of […]

I had never heard of Lois Weisberg until I read her obituary. But it turns out that she was a mentor of sorts for me. She did what I advocate – though our neighborhoods and audiences are very different. A New York Times obituary reports that “A diminutive, energetically sociable woman with seemingly indiscriminate curiosity, […]

Today is Martin Luther King Day. For a long time it was an offbeat federal holiday – the holiday that in some places did not really feel like a holiday. Martin Luther King Day continues to evolve. It is still a relatively new national holiday (2000), and in many ways the day is still getting […]

NFL Football is on the TV. The score is 31-0 and it is not even halftime. So I have gone to multi-tasking – going through old newspapers while listening to the game. In doing so, I came across an interesting article from last Summer. It’s an opinion piece headlined “We Need Optimists”. In it Arthur […]

From here it’s starting to look like the U.S. media (and others) are starting to replace one caricature of Canada with another. For as long as I can remember, say Canada to folks south of the 49th Parallel and they knew little about the country beyond beer, hockey, snow, “socialized medicine”, O Canada and the […]

Noreen Corcoran, who starred as the teenager adopted by her uncle (John Forsythe) on the 1950s-’60s sitcom Bachelor Father, has died. She was 72. Corcoran died Friday of cardiopulmonary disease at Valley Presbyterian in Van Nuys, her niece, author Mell Corcoran, told The Hollywood Reporter. The actress’ younger brother, Kevin Corcoran, who appeared in the […]

It’s spooky how it works sometimes. It was just other day I happened to wander upon a You Tube of Super Bowl I in 1967. As the original video does not exist, it was a compilation of photos accompanied by the radio broadcast on NBC Radio. The announcer was Jim Simpson. Now, four days later […]

Helping you be contemporary in a traditional way. That is our tag line to help businesses, organizations, associations, and individuals make the most of themsleves. We often speak about what we refer to a “traditional way”. In this posting we would like to tap into the contemporary aspect. Eli Amdur has been a friend and […]

There are not too many New York Baseball Giants left. One, and an important Giant at that, Monte Irvin died on January 11 at age 96. Irvin, a power-hitting outfielder who starred for the New York National League team in the 1950’s, was one of the first outstanding black players in the major leagues and […]

My Mom is in her Nineties. She is doing remarkably well for someone her age. She no longer drives, but she still mangaes to enjoy life in her way – and in a contemporary fashion. For example, she recently called to my attention a newspaper article authored by Seth Siegel about his still changing career. […]

The good news is that Women’s Porfessional Hockey finally got a moment to celebrate its accomplishment. The bad news is that it remains a work in progress – unfortunately a vityim of turf battles in the midst of growing pains. The Boston Pride and Les Canadiennes de Montreal faced off at the Winter Classic near […]