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Richard D. Trentlage died the other day at age 87. His name was little known to most of us. Today he is being remembered as writer of the now famous Oscar Mayer weiner jingle. But has creativity stretched beyond those famous lyrics “Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener”. He also was the […]

With the first of this year’s Presidential debates about to take place tonight, we are reading of what journalists, pundits and just plain folks like you and me are hoping to see and hear. Without getting into the candidates , their manner and the issues they stress (because we do not do that here), we […]

Change is inevitable it is part of life. But as the season turns from Summer to Autumn, we feel other changes as well. Garrison Keillor, Charles Osgood and Vin Scully are all transitioning out of stations they have manned for a long time. I am happy for them as all are healthy and have the […]

I was a longtime fan of the late Charles Kuralt and his work on CBS Sunday. Upon his retirement in 1994 (before his passing in 1997), Kuralt passed the hosting duties on to Charles Osgood. Now it is time for Osgood himself to retire from the program. Charles Osgood’s last show will take place this […]

On Friday Night September 23 Dodger Stadium was the scene of a classy and stirring ceremony to honor Vin Scully who is retiring from the broadcast booth after 67 years. On hand were the likes of Kevin Costner and Sandy Koulfax. A wonderful tribute video was shown as well. Finally, Mr. Scully led the Dodger […]

Still feels like summer (temperatures in the 80’s) but the calendar is telling us that the season has turned to Autumn. So, before you know it falling leaves, pumpkins and autumn chill. Enjoy. This article was first published on