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I tend to eat too much out of frustration. My wife continues to call me out on it, and I keep promising to be better. But watching the news, and the challenges of balancing a home budget and the kids….Well, you know. Anyway, it is interesting that in a time long before Twinkies and other […]

Chicago and the Cubs are everyone’s sweethearts – and for good reason. Last World Series appearance in 1945; last World Series win in 1908. It’s been a long time. But on the other side of the match up it’s a pretty good story too. The last time the Cleveland Indians won a World Series was […]

Hard to overstate what these days mean to loyalists on the North Side of Chicago. How many years and generations of disappointment ? Cub fans know and feel it. For the rest of us, this video recalling Jack Brickhouse gives one a bit of an idea what it’s been like over the years – the […]

It is now week two of the new era for A Prairie Home Companion. After week one, the review were generally favorable for new host Chris Thile. Thile, handpicked as successor by Garrison Keillor, is trying to strike a balance – honriong the orgins while refreshing it to make it more embraced but a younger […]

The “House of Tomorrow,” designed for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair’s Century of Progress Exhibition, was named a National Treasure this week by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. When it was built it was one of the most innovative and influential buildings in modern architecture, filled with the latest technology and appliances. But it’s […]

I was doing some research for new postings and came across news almost three years old. But discovering the passing of Jethro Mann resonated with me. So, though belatedly, I here honor Mr. Mann and his spirit. This article was first published on

It’s understandable if folks from Toronto may not want to vsit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the next little while. For the second time this year, Toronto’s hopes for a championship parade to City Hall were dashed by a feel good story from Cleveland. In the Spring it was the basketball Cavaliers […]

The Los Angeles Kings staged a season opening celebration to mark the start of their 50th anniversary season. Los Angeles welcomed back several members of its original team and other stars from the franchise’s founding days. Every former player with a number retired in the Staples Center rafters made an appearance, including Wayne Gretzky. Also […]

Where has the time gone ? Seems just liked yesterday that this magical combination of mass transit system and art gallery opened below Montreal. Once shiny and new, the Metro is now a routinely accepted part of urban life in Montreal – both negative and positive. But for a moment, and as a prelude for […]

Oscar Brand, the renowned and popular folk singer and songwriter whose weekly on-air radio program was the longest-running radio show in history with a single host, died on September 30 at Great Neck, N.Y. He was 96. He was a fixture in musical circles as well as on the radio. His radio program “Folksong Festival” […]