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It was a tough night. A community and a nation came together last night as Humboldt gathered for their first game since last Spring’s tragedy to the Broncos when 16 were killed in a bus crash. In a game televised commercial-free in Canada and the United States, the Broncos faced the Nipawin Hawks, the team […]

Be it at the Tribute in Lights, the Pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania or your home town, we hope you pause to remember September 11, 2001. This article was first published on

As previously explained, we had been absent from these parts for an extended period tied to the passing of my Mom on May 5, 2017. The days and months preceding and after that day were not conducive to sharing the offbeat we offer. During these serious and challenging times, it did not seem appropriate to […]

It had been a long and frustrating trip. Inconsiderate drivers, road construction, and a stubborn me who thought he know his way around Boston. But for the moment that all was behind me. I was now surrounded instead by the famous sights and sounds of the present. The Green Monster, the manual scoreboard, 33 thousand […]