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Adapting for Success in a Changing World Without Losing Your Soul: Success Found Locally

Thomas Friedman recently wrote a New York Times column entitled “Beware: Exploding Politics”.

In it he wrote of the challenges facing civilized society in the face of fundamental change.

To the extent that any positive movement is possible, he writes, it is now being achieved locally.

“…The challenges posed by these accelerations, and what will be required to produce resilient citizens and communities, are forcing a politics that is much more of a hybrid of left and right.

It is the kind of politics you already see practiced in successful communities and towns in America — places like Minneapolis; Austin, Tex.; Louisville, Ky.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Portland, Ore. — where coalitions made up of the business community, educators and local government come together to forge hybrid solutions to improve their competitiveness and resilience….”

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