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It had been a long and frustrating trip. Inconsiderate drivers, road construction, and a stubborn me who thought he know his way around Boston. But for the moment that all was behind me. I was now surrounded instead by the famous sights and sounds of the present. The Green Monster, the manual scoreboard, 33 thousand […]

Ralph Branca, the Brooklyn Dodger who gave up one of the “shot Heard around the world” home run to Bobby Thompson died on November 23. He was 90. Branca had to live with the stigma of that game, but took it with good cheer. He was described by those who knew him as quality person. […]

One does not have to be a Cubs fan to be moved by this new Budweiser ad which was pieced together using archival play by play from Harry, who passed away in 1998. Also thinking of Jack Brickhouse. This article was first published on

For one, the pain and frustration is over. For the other the wait continues. Two teams played their hearts out. Both are champions, having left it all on the field. Both have earned my admiration and respect. Sadly, only one gets to take home a trophy and be declared winners. A well earned and overdue […]

As Game 7 of the World Series begins we came across this interesting feature by Linze Rice from The smiling, patriotic boy and his dog greeting people on the front of each box of Cracker Jack were actually once real characters in the life of the snack’s inventor, and, tragically, would come to define […]

As one with no pony in this race, it is one time I wish we could stop and declare both teams co-winners. It’s hard to hate either team or their fans. They both have long painful histories looking at post-season parties like this from the outside. Alas, here are two former ugly ducklings competing for […]

Chicago and the Cubs are everyone’s sweethearts – and for good reason. Last World Series appearance in 1945; last World Series win in 1908. It’s been a long time. But on the other side of the match up it’s a pretty good story too. The last time the Cleveland Indians won a World Series was […]

Hard to overstate what these days mean to loyalists on the North Side of Chicago. How many years and generations of disappointment ? Cub fans know and feel it. For the rest of us, this video recalling Jack Brickhouse gives one a bit of an idea what it’s been like over the years – the […]

It’s understandable if folks from Toronto may not want to vsit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the next little while. For the second time this year, Toronto’s hopes for a championship parade to City Hall were dashed by a feel good story from Cleveland. In the Spring it was the basketball Cavaliers […]

On Friday Night September 23 Dodger Stadium was the scene of a classy and stirring ceremony to honor Vin Scully who is retiring from the broadcast booth after 67 years. On hand were the likes of Kevin Costner and Sandy Koulfax. A wonderful tribute video was shown as well. Finally, Mr. Scully led the Dodger […]

My son is into baseball these days. Way back when I was his age, following baseball meant a transistor radio or local TV (in this case Mel Allen, Red Barber and Phil Rizzuto on Channel 11 or Linsey Nelson Ralph Kiner and Bob Murphy on Channel 9. Great announcers. Great memories. These days there is […]

For years radio man, musician storyteller and author Jonathan Schwartz has presented a “Salute to Baseball” on the day of the Super Bowl. It is taking place now (Noon ET) at WNYC-FM New York (, and the Jonathanchannel. Worth listening to. This article was first published on

It’s spooky how it works sometimes. It was just other day I happened to wander upon a You Tube of Super Bowl I in 1967. As the original video does not exist, it was a compilation of photos accompanied by the radio broadcast on NBC Radio. The announcer was Jim Simpson. Now, four days later […]

There are not too many New York Baseball Giants left. One, and an important Giant at that, Monte Irvin died on January 11 at age 96. Irvin, a power-hitting outfielder who starred for the New York National League team in the 1950’s, was one of the first outstanding black players in the major leagues and […]

Graham McNamee was America’s most recognized national radio personality in the medium’s first decade. Though he broadcast top sports events in the early years, he recently has been overlooked and forgotten by many. That oversight was correected on December 9 when McNamee won the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting from the Baseball Hall of […]

Via a video from The Chicago Tribune, the widow of legendary Cubs and White Sox announcer Jack Brickhouse looks back at the broadcaster’s long, illustrious career and we hear some of his famous calls in the booth. This article was first published on

In the heart of Chicago’s 19th Ward there’s not much Cubs love to be found. This is White Sox Country, a place where the South Side team takes precedence even when the Cubs, that team from the wrong side of town, is having a very memorable season. The Cubs are in the National League Division […]

The big baseball story heading into baseball’s playoffs is the return to post season play for the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets. But also garnering some attention, even south of the border, is baseball fever taking home in Toronto. Numerous American media outlets have noticed how the city of Toronto, the province of […]

On this date (August 26) in 1939 the first telecast of a major league baseball game took place. It was the first game of a doubleheader at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, between the Dodgers and Cincinnati. Those who watched saw the league-leading Reds win 5-2. NBC broadcast the game on its station W2XBS based in the […]

It’s still one of the defining moments of the Dodger-Giant rivalry. Though the teams removed themselves from their places of origin, the acrimony between the franchises continued in the Golden Gate State. One represented Hollywood and the progress of Southern California, the other charm of the City Bar the Bay. 50 years ago occurred one […]

For one day at least the new Yankee Stadium had a lot of soul. As mentioned in an earlier posting it was Old Timer’s Day at the big ball park in the Bronx. It was billed as a day to honor Willie Randoph, former Yankee great who had a plaque unveiled recalling his contributions to […]

Today is Old Timer’s Day at Yankee Stadium. It’s a unique event that celebrates the baseball-related accomplishments of its former players who have since retired. The first Old-Timers’ Day took place on the final day of the 1947 season. Today, the team invites several dozen former ball players, including many Yankee greats and fan favorites, […]

The old Yankee Stadium and the Montreal Forum were called “Cathedrals” for their respective sports. But a former house of worship in South Bend, Indiana puts the whole relationship between religion and sport in a different context. The New York Times reports on the community’s oldest synagogue building that not too long ago underwent a […]

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was born on this day (May 12) in 1925. An American legend. Formally, Yogi Berra is a retired Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher, manager, and coach. He played almost his entire 19-year baseball career (1946–65) for the New York Yankees. He is widely regarded as one of the best catchers in […]