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Today, April 7, is National Beer Day. It was on April 7, 1933 that beer could beer sold, bought and drank legally for the first time in 13 years. That day came to be one of celebration as a follow-up to the Cullen-Harrison Act that was signed into law by President Roosevelt on March 22 […]

In the heart of Chicago’s 19th Ward there’s not much Cubs love to be found. This is White Sox Country, a place where the South Side team takes precedence even when the Cubs, that team from the wrong side of town, is having a very memorable season. The Cubs are in the National League Division […]

Don’t neded to be an Einstein to know that the connection is great between Independence Day and beer. And, you don;t need to be an economist to know that it also means big business. Here is a CNBC reports and just how big that business is. As for me, my issue is what beer to […]

An interesting read in the New York Times about the Caori Social Club in Brooklyn (Greenpoint). The regulars do not gravitate there for its glamorous decorations or its trendy ambience. There are basic tables and chairs and a bar so old that drinkers can feel the contours in the wood from cigarette burns decades old.The […]

Rodney Dangerfield was the Master of Ceremonies at a banquet for Miller Lite. It also featured Bubba Smith, Ben Davidson, Steve Mizerak, Bernie Geoffrion and others. This article was first published on

To some there is nothing to talk about. It’s the beer, not the bottle. But to others, myself included, there is an issue that, at least, merits some discussion. Which is the preferred carrier of a cold frosty brew: stubby or long neck ? (We hold bottle versus beer can or keg for another discussion). […]

In our last beer posting, we shared the story of Fitger Beer, long a mainstay in Northern Minnesota, and the story of the historic Fitger brewery. We stopped with Fitger’s Brewery closing its doors on September 30, 1972, ending 115 years of brewing on the shores of Lake Superior. It was a sad time. fortunately, […]

I recently read of the great job they have done with the old Fitger’s Brewery in Duluth, Minnesota. Now called the Fitger’s Brewery Complex, the big building was converted into shops, resturants, and a luxury hotel that houses a microbrewery. More on this present-day complex in a future posting. For now, we wanted to go […]

A classic Hamm’s beer commercial from the land of enchantment – “The beer refreshing as crisp cool land it’s brewed in.. the beer that captures for you the wonderful refreshment of this enchanted Northland…” This article was first published on

Remember when the term “natural” started to become problematic ? “Natural foods” and “all natural foods” are widely used terms in food labeling and marketing with a variety of definitions, most of which are vague. The term is often assumed to imply foods that are minimally processed and all of whose ingredients are natural products […]

Decades ago one beer that often turned up at our dinner table either at home or away in Canada was Carling Black Label. Dad is gone, so is Black Label from local shelves. But we read that it still exists. we are glad as it a beer with a long history. Although its original focus […]

Used to be there was just beer, and perhaps a special Octoberfest offering. Today the varieties and offerings are endless. It is no surprise that there are numerous Spring seasonal offerings. The Brewers Association recently asked member breweries to provide a list of their 2015 Spring seasonal craft beers. Those lists can be found here, […]

  Hard to believe that it is already some 30 years since “Cheers” was first broadcast on network television.The show, to those who may not recall, was  set in a bar named Cheers (named after the popular toast) in Boston, where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. The show’s main theme […]

Many years ago, a favorite Vermont inn was located at the intersection of Routes 4 and 100A at Bridgewater Corners. It was rustic, the food was delicious and the innkeepers knew how to do their thing. I don’t know what it’s like these many years later. In a world that is so changed, I’m glad […]

The Brooklyn Brewery is trying to push New Yorkers’ palates even further by going back in time. This week, it hosted a dinner party inspired by the local cuisine of Dutch settlers and Native Americans in the 1650s. For appetizers, the brewery served clams seasoned with sumac, which the Lenape Indians used as a spice. […]

We like beer, Bert and Harry Piels commercials, Bob and Ray, and hockey. Here is a vintage Piels beer ad from the 1950’s featuring Bob and Ray as Bert and Harry Piels. It is set in Madison Sqaure Garden in which a hockey player from Montreal, Phillipe Dupre, is being interviewed – sort of. This […]

The media is already talking elections – most of it very early for the 2016 Presidential campaign. Some candidates have announced, others are campaigning though they have not announced yet. And, the media is already telling the story daily – though many of us do not care to listen yet. A less publicized vote involves […]

We might have lost that great Guy Lombardo version of the Molson Canadian theme song from the 1960’s. But the song and a 1960’s commercial is still there to enjoy – this one by Mimi Hines, a Canadian who made a career on Broadway. “It drinks so smooth and looks so clear – just right […]

A Baseball and Beer posting the other day got our juices flowing. Rhinegold and Ballantine jingles had us looking for more. Regretfully, one of our favorites – a Molson Canadian jingle being played by Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians, circa 1960’s – is no longer available. But we did find this classic Narragansett Beer […]

One day was opening day, the next was National Beer Day. It gave us two good excuses to talk about beer and baseball. We found a great article on the subject. What especially caught our fancy was a section about the history of beer in New York baseball history. We had always known the Colonel […]

April 7 is National Beer Day, an unofficial holiday – marking the end of Prohibition. It was at 12:01 a.m. on April 7, 1933 that the Cullen-Harrison Act went into effect – meaning that beer customers could buy 3.2 per cent alcohol beer rather than “near beer”. Some 1.5 million barrels were immediately purchased at […]