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Since the 1787 Constitutional Convention, federal law has imposed few constraints on elections and left most smaller decisions up to the states — creating an interesting patchwork of state-specific laws. In some states they’ll call the Sheriff to haul you out of the voting booth if you take too long (no more than three minutes […]

Americans typically vote in schools and government buildings, but not everyone. The US Election Assistance Commission suggests that a polling place “should be located close to major traffic arteries for easy access.” There’s nothing in the guidelines to stop election officials from picking restaurants, garages, or laundromats, and sometimes that’s exactly where voting takes place. […]

In a time before early voting, it was a big deal – the first “official” votes cast. Today it’s not as significant, but much like the original Groundhog in Punxsatawney, PA, voting in Dixville Notch still garners attention. So, it was that the tradition continue last night. The small northern New Hampshire community — with […]

I tend to eat too much out of frustration. My wife continues to call me out on it, and I keep promising to be better. But watching the news, and the challenges of balancing a home budget and the kids….Well, you know. Anyway, it is interesting that in a time long before Twinkies and other […]

It is now week two of the new era for A Prairie Home Companion. After week one, the review were generally favorable for new host Chris Thile. Thile, handpicked as successor by Garrison Keillor, is trying to strike a balance – honriong the orgins while refreshing it to make it more embraced but a younger […]

With the first of this year’s Presidential debates about to take place tonight, we are reading of what journalists, pundits and just plain folks like you and me are hoping to see and hear. Without getting into the candidates , their manner and the issues they stress (because we do not do that here), we […]

Those who know much more than I do have been advising me to post frequently. For along time I try to do so. But in recent weeks and months those postings here and on our companion site ( have not been as frequent. It is not that there has not been a lot to choose […]

Here is a wonderful essay, Eleven Signs a City Will Succeed, by the incomparable James Fallows. It is a summation of James and Deb Fallows’s 54,000-mile journey around America in a single-engine plane. The article appears in the March print edition alongside the cover story, “Can America Put Itself Back Together?” In it he described […]

Yes, it’s the day of the Presidential Primary in New Hampshire, an event sure to produce drama, joy, disappointment and perhaps surprise. No matter who your prefernce might be the show has been fascinating. As of this morning, Dixville Notch and two other communities have already counted their votes as they voted at Midnight. But […]

One of our favorite quotes is from the old Molson beer bottle “An honest brew makes it’s own friends”. Molson has lasted a long time from those words (Though it is now part of Coors). But in the world of marketing and politics, it is clear that friends must be made through affirmative actions – […]

There’s nothing like a presidential primary season to send media types racing all over the country. As the whistle stops and stump speeches and straw polls and caucuses continue, we hear about all sorts of out-of-the way places that most of us wouldn’t know about if a presidential candidate didn’t stop there. A side-effect of […]