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There’s an unusual fight underway in Michigan over a simple black-and-white sign that identifies a state highway. That highway runs through a popular vacation region. And one business claims it has the exclusive right to use the road sign as a product brand. But the state disagrees, and the trademark dispute is now in federal […]

Change is inevitable it is part of life. But as the season turns from Summer to Autumn, we feel other changes as well. Garrison Keillor, Charles Osgood and Vin Scully are all transitioning out of stations they have manned for a long time. I am happy for them as all are healthy and have the […]

One of our favorite quotes is from the old Molson beer bottle “An honest brew makes it’s own friends”. Molson has lasted a long time from those words (Though it is now part of Coors). But in the world of marketing and politics, it is clear that friends must be made through affirmative actions – […]

It’s beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas. Bing Crosby with some seasonal classics. This article was first published on

There’s the classic Thanksgiving dinner – turkey and the trimmings. Then there are other Thanksgiving holiday classics – the Macy’s Parade, Football in Detroit (and Dallas), the National Dog Show, Miracle on 34th Street. As a kid, in our neighborhood we used to play a “Turkey Bowl” – 3 or kids throwing a football. We […]

This came to us via our friend Sylvia Allen ( We wanted to share it with you. More Than A Day As Thanksgiving Day rolls around, It brings up some facts, quite profound. We may think that we’re poor, Feel like bums, insecure, But in truth, our riches astound. We have friends and family we […]

The busiest travel day of the year…Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving Day…Did we get the right pies? Is the turkey overcooked? Will the guests be on time? Can I keep my cool when so-and-so tires to be provocative at the dinner table? This is but a sampling of the static that can easily divert us […]

With thanks to a dear friend (not just for this item but for your friendship), here is the elevator pitch they have forever been seeking. It was actually written a while back, but it was not until this infinitely patient and compassionate friend saw it in a recent post that we were together identify it […]

Now the thoughtful answer this question, with a big thanks to my youngest daughter for her role in helping to make this answer possible. But first, some background. It has been years and years and years that I have worked at answering this question in a smooth, comfortable fashion. I clearly know what I was […]

20 years ago: A day that changed history – when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. This article was first published on

We are thinking about friends and those we have met in our travels through South Carolina as they have had to endure a lot recently. It has been a tough year from shootings, battles over symbols of the region, and most recently the spin-off rains of a hurricane. It is a region of some great […]

Cam Cole’s column in the Vancouver Sun the other day was hockey and how he views it as having become homogenized.In particular, he invoked the term “playing the right way” and asked just what is “the right way”.Added Cole”…and how come there’s only one? Has coaching become so form-fitted that to play differently is to […]

  We’ve been reading an interesting book – “Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life” by Joan Chittister, The author, a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania, is a distinguished lecturer. In a chapter entitled “The Place of Tsunamis in the Ocean of Life”, she weighs in on the […]

  <a href=””>Matt Flanders puts a different take on the role of festivals in a piece for the University of Sheffield’s Crick Centre blog.Entitled “DYI: Festivals, Parks and Fun”, he writes:</a> Wimbledon has started, the barbeques have been dusted off, the sun is shining and all our newly elected MPs will soon be leaving Westminster […]

<a href=””>The big news at this year’s Calgary Stampede is that the $100 hot dogs have sold out quickly.100 foot-long bratwursts were produced by Dougie Luv, owner of the DougieDog Diner Truck, based in Vancouver. The dogs were infused with Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac and topped with Kobe beef, lobster and truffles, is sold […]

  A wonderful column by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post. It seems that “The Greatest generation” has become a boiler plate designation for some, a lightning rod for others. This column reminds us why the  term was created in the first place. There is a lot in the column. But I go no further […]

What a week. So much has happened. Who knows where it will all lead, but clearly things are changing. Public discussion, court decisions, a President singing “Amazing Grace” from a pulpit and more. It is fascinating to follow it and try to make sense of it all. As Jeffrey Rosen, President of the Constitution Center, […]

I’d like to think of myself as pretty consistent and steady in outlook. Not one for whims or the “trend of the minute”, I like to take a wide-angle, long view of things. But it’s interesting that as soon as i completed the entry entitled “Old-School, Not Old-Fashioned” new thoughts came to mind making adjustments […]

Heard on the radio this morning of a survey published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior finds that cat videos can boost a person’s mood. Nearly 7,000 people were surveyed about Internet cat videos. Their research found that watching cat videos serves useful purpose. What caught my attention was a term that was used […]

“After a struggle of a season, filled with slumps, spurts and injuries, the Cavaliers enter the finals with a city’s hopes on their shoulders”.An interesting New York Times essay, about basketball, about Cleveland, and about a local’s sense of his hometown.The essayis, John Hyduk, was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 2012, and […]

I enjoy listening to classical musical. I have had only a causal and passing interest in opera, though I recently find it growing. It is the music that most inspires me, but at times it is also the folks who bringing the music who connect with me. Margaret Juntwait who died on June 3 of […]