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I’ve been away from here for too long – on a journey of a different sort. On May 5, after some tough months of health issues, my Mom passed away at age 93. What I had hoped would be a busy Spring/Summer marking Canada-150, Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the 100th Anniversary of the NHL and 50 […]

Leon Russell, who sang, wrote and produced some of rock ‘n’ roll’s top records, has died. He was 74. This article was first published on

That’s what Anthony, Texas calls itself. Population of 5,000 in El Paso County, it is the first town encountered in Texas when traveling eastbound on I-10 from New Mexico. Back in 1988 local resident Mary Ann Brown and her neighbor Birdie Lewis, both born on a leap day, approached the Chamber of Commerce with the […]

Ask modern day New York Ranger fans who was the best Ranger of all time you are likely to hear names like Rod Gilbert, Mike Richter, Brian Leetch, Ed Giacomin or Mark Messier. To those old enough or smart enough to take a wide view, many will say that person was Andy Bathgate. Andy Bathgate, […]

….We can look elsewhere than the personalities of American Presidential candidates. For example, (with thanks to Juile Reynolds who shares “America in the 1950’s” on Facebook), here is something different. Most can whistle or at least hum the Andy Griffith Show theme song. But how many folks know the words ? Here is your chance […]

I had never heard of Lois Weisberg until I read her obituary. But it turns out that she was a mentor of sorts for me. She did what I advocate – though our neighborhoods and audiences are very different. A New York Times obituary reports that “A diminutive, energetically sociable woman with seemingly indiscriminate curiosity, […]

It’s beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas. Bing Crosby with some seasonal classics. This article was first published on

Recent postings have spent many words describing the ways that I (and my team of like-minded experts) can be of help. For the sake of brevity and clarity here is a quick summary to recap. For years I have been on a number of journeys – physical, professional and personal journeys of discovery. It all […]

There are balloons. The Mayor is there along with other local dignitaries for a ribbon cutting. Kids have turned up for freebies. They are there for the opening of a new business. The site of the business used to be a gas station. Long closed, the property sat empty as they spent years remediating the […]

As you know an importnat part of discussion in this neighborhood is the use of Smart Narrative Strategies. An important part of the discussionnow involves social media. A kindred spirit of sorts is Gary Vaynerchuk,entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. His life story is interesting one. Moreover, his three published boiok have had […]

Now the thoughtful answer this question, with a big thanks to my youngest daughter for her role in helping to make this answer possible. But first, some background. It has been years and years and years that I have worked at answering this question in a smooth, comfortable fashion. I clearly know what I was […]

The corner of Hollywood and Vine is an intersection in Los Angeles – Hollywood to be exact. But it is also a state of mind – a place where dreams are pursued, often by many trying to place themselves at the right place at the right time. Most frequently it was considered a good career […]

As mentioned in a prior posting, social media is a new frontier for me. As with anything new, it is exciting to be able to make acquaintances and friends with those that I would not otherwise be able connect. At the same time, it is also a time not without some trepidation. This whole thing […]

If you’ve ever seen the old Grouch Marx hosted game show “You Bet Your Life”, an integral part of the program was  a contestant would say the “secret word”, a common word revealed to the audience at the show’s outset. If a contestant said the word, a toy duck resembling Groucho—with eyeglasses and a mustache—descended […]

  After a spell “on the road” we are back home and online again. We intentionallty shut down for our 10 days away to Maine and Massachsetts. We wanted to absorb the places, people and experiences completely, without being distracted and pulled towards devices. Now that we have returned (safely not withstanding a fender bender […]

This year marks the 30th anniversary of a unique July Fourth tradition. Since 1986 in Willimantic, Connecticut they’ve stepped off without any bands. There is music but it is courtesy of large boom boxes instead. You see, back in 1986 the town could not find an available marching band for its annual Memorial Day parade. […]

The move of Mike Babcock to Toronto is getting big headlines, especially in Toronto – as would be expected. It got us to thinking about other high-profile coaching hirings from the past. Here are a few that come to mind: Fred Shero – Came to New York with much fanfare after leading the Philadelphia Flyers […]

  A fascinating story found as a history posting at on this anniversary of the event: On April 27, 1865, the steamboat Sultana exploded and sank while traveling up the Mississippi River, killing an estimated 1,800 people. The event remains the worst  maritime disaster in U.S. History (the Titanic killed 1,512 people). Yet few know […]

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