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From Sandtown to Canton, Baltimore Looks to Next

Baltimore is trying to get back to normal.

Just what normal will be means different things to different folks because in Baltimore, like many places, there are actually many Baltimores within the greater Baltimore.

What is clear is that almost no one wants to see a return to what happened last week – the death, the fires, the looting, the curfews.

Mistrust and lingering wounds will take time to heal.

In the meantime, residents throughout Baltimore are contemplating their role.

Neighborhoods within the city and Baltimore County face different realities. In Sandtown-Winchester there are immediate and fundamental questions, which businesses can open and whether there can be a better way between police and citizen.

For now, citizens in areas physically unscathed contemplate what might be their role as citizens of Baltimore as they go forward. Some are more hopeful than others – many seeming to seek a way to help, but not knowing how.

There have been marches, vigils and meetings – efforts to clam and redirect a still tense and troubled city. In the midst of the legal, media and political fallout in the aftermath of the explosion, there is a discernible and reassuring effort to find a common voice for all of Baltimore.

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