Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way

Getting Started Together

I Can Help

There are a number of ways that we can start to journey together. But how we start, depends on where you are coming from.


Your Perspective

If you are one of the following click where appropriate:

– Media

– Marketing/Sponsorship Related Firms

– Travel, Leisure,  Hospitality, Road Related Industries

* Travel Agents        * Tour Groups          * Airlines              * Auto Companies       * Auto Rental Firms    * Gasoline  Companies     * Hotels    * Restaurants    * Banks/Credit Card Companies    * Auto Clubs

– Main Street, Small Town Community-based or Neighborhood Businesses

– Communities

– Law Firm, business or community dealing with legal issues

– Individual

– Other



 Services that Interest You

Under Eric’s own name or through “Journeys Into”, “Build A Journey Services & Strategies” or “Smart Narrative Strategies”, there are a number of ways that we can help.


Here’s amenu of the range of which service(s) might be of interest and benefit to you:

– Media: Eric as interviewee

– Media: Segment with Eric

– Media: Background materials for your own programs

– Journeycast Creation

– Journeycast Sponsorship

– Other Media: Books, Online,  and more

– Media/Marketing/Sponsorship

– Companies Looking to Maximize their Marketing Reach thru Association with compelling content and/or programming

– Lifestyle Marketing

–  Travel: Travel Product Development

– Travel:  Partnering w Eric on Journeys into Travel

– Travel: Individual Seeking to Start on a Journey of Discovery

– Communities seeking to maximize the best of who they are and what makes them special

– Smart Narrative Development

– Smart Community Planning and Development

– Consultation

* Authenticity Audit   * “Tune-up”    *  One-on-One

– Empowerment/Training

*  Workshops  * Webinars   * Road Show    * Speaking   * Schoolhouse & Learning Center

– Mediation

– Lifestyle Marketing Law

– Other Law

You can also reach me via email in our “Contact” section.


Let’s Talk

We probably have never met. Nonetheless, I am excited about working with you.

These are exciting times, providing unique opportunities.

I welcome the chance to help you meet your goals – be you an individual, a member of the media, a community or a business.

But before that can happen we have to be able to connect. Through this site I am taking the initiative. I hope you will respond so that we can connect personally – a first step in a journey together.


“Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”


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