Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way

Meet Eric



Eric Model was originally trained as a lawyer.

Over time he has also become an author, radio broadcaster, travel expert, entrepreneur, teacher and consultant.

But his journey runs deeper.

A creative, passionate multi-disciplinary background and approach blends together various disciplines and diverse perspectives into an integrated package and brand.

He occupies a place at the intersection between good content, media, community, sponosrship/marketing, law and the dollars that can be derived from this mix.

At a most basic level, Eric is a storyteller. But he (and his team) have the ability to take a story and weave it into something compelling that can create interest AND generate revenue for a person, business or community. As we like to say, he can tell stories that sell. And while doing so, he can make sure the small details flowing out of these stories are addressed to make it all work.

He does so by finding ways to make the most of the narrative – taking it the farthest it can go, and giving it voice and marketing strength, using a variety of tools – from traditional to novel.

We like to speak of this effort as what has been described as a “Symphony”, the ability to put together the pieces – to synthesize – to see the relationships between seemingly unrelated field – to detect broad patterns and to invent something new by combining elements nobody else thought to pair.

“Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”



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