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To many, our modern world has become a monolithic place, dominated by mass media, fast foods, big box stores and seemingly endless sprawl.

Eric Model is out to show that there is more; that even in the face of a trend towards increasing uniformity, there remains a wonderful variety of people, place, and stories to be experienced and celebrated.

For almost 30 years, Eric has been chronicling places beyond the interstate (& Trans-Canada). He is founder of “Journeys into” which is dedicated to “exploring the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten”.

Eric created Journeys Into based on a journey of his own – turning a passion into a career. In turn, he has become one of North America’s leading authorities and voices on things Americana, Canadiana and more. Formally , the description is of a trained-lawyer turned author, syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster & producer (Journeys into Hidden America, Journeys into Hockey, Journeys into Beer and Journeys into Canada), travel expert, entrepreneur, teacher, and consultant/coach/advisor to businesses, communities and individuals.

 “For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for places beyond the interstate that provide a unique sense of place”, Eric said.

Long a fan of Charles Kuralt and Lake Wobegon, Model wanted to embark on journeys of discovery, but found resources lacking to help plan “his kind of trip”. What eventually resulted was a series of vast data-base offerings: festivals/events, “Accommodations with a personal touch” (quaint B&B’s & Inns), roadside food, other places to see nearby, and background readings to enhance the trip.

Over time these resources were adapted into multi-media presentations including a book (Beyond the Interstate: Discovering the Hidden America), a syndicated column (“Around America”), radio (Evenstamerica Calendar and Weekends on the Road shorts), online services, travel clubs and partnerships with businesses (i.e. Dodge, Chevrolet, American Airlines, Winnebago, Sesame Street Productions and USA Today) & communities.

Few are as familiar with places offbeat, off the beaten path overlooked and forgotten as Eric.

The common thread over all these years has been the compelling nature of his community narratives that reflect the diversity of America (& Canada) – stories worth telling. Stories that have potency.

A long-time “Journeys into Hidden America” correspondent on SIRIUS-XM radio, and host of “Journeys into Hockey”, a retro-hockey segment on SIRIUS-XM’s Hockey Channel, Eric’s content these days is accessible on the web, via blog and via podcast (Journeys into On the Air).

Moreover, he is working with businesses, media, communities and individuals – using these narratives as tools for sustainability and empowerment (“Smart Narrative Strategies” and “Build A Journey Services & Strategies”).

“Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”

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