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Posting with Feeling (Getting Beyond the Campaign Trail Again)

Those who know much more than I do have been advising me to post frequently. For along time I try to do so.

But in recent weeks and months those postings here and on our companion site ( have not been as frequent.

It is not that there has not been a lot to choose from to post on.

After all, it is summer – time to hit the road and explore – whether around the corner or across the land.

Moreover, there has been much to report on in our chosen areas: popular culture, Americana, Canadian, hockey and more.

But we have chosen to remain silent.

Why ?

Our heart was not in it. Actually, it has little to do with our heart as much as our head.

Like many we have been entranced by the U.S. Presidential campaign. It started for us over a year ago as we became engrossed in the dynamics of not just who was or was not running, but why this campaign was resonnating to so many in so many different ways.

So much has been going on that our head was spinning.

As importantly, as disappointingly, the campaign left us not just dizzied, but also more than a bit untethered. We have been left disoriented and off balance.

The candidates have been going around describing America and each other. Often what was described and how it was done was very much unrecognizable from the land and the people I have met.

But it’s not just the candidates. The almost daily shootings and acts of violence (and the controversial issues that underlie them) are presented in the news in a way that leaves one disturbed.

In this parade of bad news, the thought of portraying of an America of smiling festival-goers blindly consuming food, drink and popular culture of an earlier time seemed out of place – and at times tone deaf to what many of us were feeling.

As importantly, I wanted my “Narratives of Authenticity” to be authentic. In light of what was going on and the tome of our “civil discourse” I did not want my offerings to be forced and phony. Yes, it is important to publish and extend the brand. But I refuse to do so at the expense of sounding forced.

So, we have been quiet.

But we are now slowly coming back outside. We hope the storm may be subsiding. If not, we have our storm gear on and will keep plugging in the midst of the gales and bluster.

Hope you can be there with us as we journey on as we “post with feeling” with something to say – and not just for the sake of posting.

There remains a lot of good stuff out there – especially “Beyond the Campaign Trail” (and the mindset that goes with it). We would like to remain upbeat and hopeful in sharing it with you – notwithstanding what others may say and do.

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