Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way



We like to say that we tell stories that sell. That means building business from good stories. We do so by working to develop strategies that promote the best chance for success from the best that you have to tell – be you an individual, media, business, trade organiztion, association or community. If you are a sponsor, we create strategies attaching your name to our content that can help you better achieve your marketing goals.

There are multiple ways you, your company or community can consult with Eric Model.


Authenticity Strategies and Smart Narrative Strategies

Eric consults with clients ranging from communities, individuals and trade organizations, associations, individual business owners to major business and media companies. As an Authenticity Strategist and Smart Narrative Strategist, his principles help businesses, trade organizations, associations, communities, media, and individuals make the most of themselves. From simple “audits” (see below) to customized “Journeys Into” strategies, Eric can work with your marketing department to create a stratgey using relevant existing “Journeys Into” content or specialized new content. Together Eric can work with you to identify, propose and negotiate with commujnity and other joint venture partners to participate in a campaign to establish the authenticity regarding your brand, or position it gain maximum advantange. When these strategies are applied, rapid improvement can result. To inquire about Eric strategizing with your company or organization, click here.


Authenticity Audit

In an “Authenticity Audit”, we audit all your advertising, prmotional and PR campaigns, materials and publications to assess how your core message aligns with the current consumer desire for authenticity. I will provide yiou with a detailed report highlighting areas of concern, those that do or could become targets or red flags for public, media or social media attack, and, as importantly you start to identify your authentic voice – one that will work for you. If you are interesting in an “Authenticity Audit” click here.



For those who have started to define themselves, their narratives and chart their course, and who may just need “a little look under the hood”. If you are interested in a “Tune-up”, click here.


One on One

Person to person consulting is available on location where you are or Eric’s hometown, River Edge, New Jersey. Eric personally consults with each client, looks at their situation, provides an evaluation and suggestions, leading to strategies and tactics to help meet goals.

If you would like more information about one-on-one consulting, click here.


“Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”





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