Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way


I and my accompanying team pride ourselves on our ability to create smart narratives and leverage them, but we prefer helping by giving you the skills to create your own paths to success. Based on Journeys Into and Smart Narrative principles, our tool kit for you includes consultation (see section above) webinars, road shows and more. We specialize in a range of topics including media, marketing, community development, social media and more – all adapted for your particular needs and concerns.

I would be honored to speak with your group. I am available in a number of ways, including but not limited to those listed below.



Customized workshop sessions for communities, companies, associations and Main Street/neighborhood groups. Special focus on grass-roots and community-based values. Eric will work with you to customize a workshop that meets addresses your specific issues and needs. It is a practical way to tackle issues and create results you are looking for. Thera re concrete take-aways that cost very little.



A live webinar is an easy and low-cost way to have Eric (and his team) connect with your group as a group online. Webinars can address broad topics or be crafted to  meet the needs of your group.


Road Show 

The best of Journeys Into’s stories and entertainment and smart (community) narrative team go on the road to your hometown.  Your group can now  host a live webinar, conducted by Eric, in your location, where all of your businesses receive the same training and hear the same message, while getting to ask their own questions to be answered by Eric at  the same time…. A way for Eric’s Journeys into Learning Center to come to your community (and  neighboring communities) as well (See below)…..If you prefer, we can come to you via webinar as well.

Also available as a “Journeys into Road Show Caravan” (especially helpful to Multi‐Community Roadshow for Regional “Corridors”) –  which combines  editorial,  outreach, marketing and technical assistance thru an “on the road van”.. Learn more about this cost­effective way to bring a live  Eric Model Journeys Into presentation to your organization’s business members.


Keynote and Breakout Sessions

Eric appears at conferences and can make a presentation to empower your group. Presentations are customized for the group and their needs. Interaction and listening in various directions.


The Journeys into Schoolhouse & Learning Center

“The Journeys into  Schoolhouse & Learning Center” is the name we gave to a series of programs and services designed for communities, their citizens, their businesses and those others who have an interest in promoting a sense of community and a sense of place. It is set up to help them grow their businesses, while increasing their sales, profits and customer traffic through their community’s stories by the use of media and marketing.

Journeys into was originally created as an outgrowth of Eric Model’s Journeys into Hidden America features on the radio, online,  in print and the sponsorship opportunities the content provided. It soon become clear that not only were Journeys into stories informative and entertaining, but they could also make for good business and dollars to communities, businesses, media and sponsors.

Now Journeys Into makes available various business, media, community and sponsorship experts who contribute their expertise in the form of live and recorded webinars. They help inform, empower and position to create smart narratives and strategic alliances – all from pre-existing stories and content imagined and presently wisely.

Our “Schoolhouse and Learning Center” also has a “just for fun” learning component  – on all things “off the beaten path” – from festivals and foods to popular culture and traditions.

Who could benefit from the Journeys into Schoolhouse and Learning Center ? Businesses, sponsors, communities, franchisers/franchisees, downtown associations, Heritage Travel Entities, Travel Companies, Lifestyle Marketers, Media, travelers and armchair travelers.



Include: 90 minutes, half-day, full day. multiple day, long-term.


“Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”















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