Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way



My experience has also availed me the opportunity to work with travelers and the travel industry.

In particular, I have helped give others the chance to actually go and experience the places and events we have introduced through Journeys Into media features. I am not a travel agent, but I help others head in the right direction through a one-stop travel source (“Journeys into Travel and Touring Center”) for an Americana, Canadiana travel journey off the beaten path (and more).  Plane tickets, auto rentals, hotels, “The American Travel Experience” for  the independent minded and “Journeys into Hidden America (Canada) Tours” and more. Everything to get you, as a traveler,  started on your own journey of discovery beyond the interstate.

If you are a community, a travel professional or business/media that relies upon travel and leisure, we can be of help to you too. We produce good stories and work with those who transform them into actual trips and journeys of discovery. entertainment turned good business.  We can help you take such stories and turn them into springboards – prompting listeners to become travelers . We can also help develop and adapt travel product to help connect those moved by our features with the travel professional’s opportunity to get travelers to these places – in so doing creating unique business opportunities for travel agents, airlines, accommodations, auto rental firms and more.

“Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”

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