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Travelers – Let Us Help You Craft Your Personal Smart Travel Narrative…Do More than Just Take a Trip – Build a Journey

“Come along.
Come and see.
There are sites in this country and people in this country to vanish any gloom you ever may feel, and to fill you instead with wonder.
Every road is as good as a promise and the promises all will be kept.
And do not worry about getting lost.
I have gone ahead and know the way”.

So wrote Charles Kuralt years ago in an introduction to his famous “On the Road” TV series.

These words and its philosophy have guided me for over 30 years. I too have gone ahead and came to know the way.

I started as a traveler like you, but found myself frustrated by the lack of resources and directions to help me craft “my kind of trip”. So over time I have come to share my journeys and experiences – first as a traveler, and then as a media personality (syndicated column, radio, book and online), and ultimately consultant/strategist for individuals, businesses, media and communities as well.

I invite you go on your own journey of discovery – it is worth the trip. But it is much more than a trip.

There is so much to explore and discover – both out there and inside yourself.

We can help you craft your own personal travel narrative – one that speaks to who you are and what matters to you.

We’ll answer your travel questions, build an itinerary, and help you figure out transportation. We specialize in the areas covered by Eric Model’ “Journeys Into – Explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten” (U.S. and Canada), but can often point you in the right direction help in other areas as well.

While we are not a travel agency ( so any transportation and lodging reservations for your trip will need to be made by you) , we do know folks who can help you with it too. And though we don’t focus on specialty modes of travel (such as hiking, biking, or cruising), we’ll help as best we can.

You can arrange a consultation in person at or near our home in River Edge, New Jersey or by phone.

Fees are reasonable and flexible as to make affordable for you.

So, we hope you will let us help you Build a Journey. Let’s Journey together !

Eric Model

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