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Zip Ode: Poetry defining where you live

Here is a variation on a Smart Community Narrative.

The Public Radio program “The Takeaway” is teaming up with the O, Miami Poetry Festival and WLRN-Miami Herald to ask folks you to pay tribute through the use of their zip codes. Specifically, they are asking us to memorialize our federally appointed numerical designation by writing an ode to our ZIP code.

Each ZIP code is five numbers, so they are asking that each ZIP Ode be five lines—the number of words in each line is determined by the number in our particular zip code.

The ZIP Ode Poetry Contest was developed and designed by O, Miami and WLRN. Select ZIP Ode poets will be read on air by The Takeaway. For those living in Miami, area residents can enter locally to compete to become one of 20 finalists who will be invited to read their ode at an event on April 29 at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

The Takeaway ran some great submissions – you can hear them by linking to the web page.

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